Pursuant of its thrust in serving the Philippine advertising industry, TVCXpress Manila has partnered with UPMG (United Print Media Group) to be its Archiver-of-Record (AOR) for its annual Philippine Tinta Awards.

The Tinta Awards celebrates creative excellence in print advertising and offers advertising agencies, media agencies, advertisers and publications the opportunity to be recognized and awarded for their best work in print media. The TVCXpress Media ArchiveĀ®, via its smart serveā„¢ database system, will now enable UPMG to efficiently store, access, download and share all historical and upcoming Tinta Awards finalists and winners. Its comprehensive meta-data architecture efficiently empowers optimized file search capabilities, providing ease and efficiency of use.

About TVCXpress Manila. TVCXpress Manila is a technology-enabled, data-empowered and solution-focused media content transmission, archiving, collaboration systems and analysis provider, in the service of the Philippine advertising/communications industry