In line with its mission of serving and enabling the Philippine advertising industry, TVCXpress Manila has launched its mobile App.

The breakthrough TVCXpress App now enables users to view and approve TVCs for transmission, via their personal mobile devices. This provides users with unfettered connectivity and action. The App also links with the TVCXpress Media ArchiveĀ®, equipped with its smart serveā„¢ database feature that lets the user access and view previously transmitted TVCs anywhere, anytime. No other App in the market provides users with such proactive capability and capacity.

How to get the TVCXpress Mobile App. For Android OS phones, go to the Google Play store to download and install the TVCXpress App for free. An iOS version of the App will be available soon.

About TVCXpress Manila. TVCXpress Manila is a technology-enabled, data-empowered and solution-focused media content transmission, archiving, collaboration systems and analysis provider, in the service of the Philippine advertising/communications industry.