TVCXpress Manila is the authoritative and best-in-class advertising and media content services, digital transmission and archiving solution provider since 2010. Seasoned by a management team with over 25 years of industry experience in Advertising, Media and Production. We have empowered the industry with the best technology and practices to enable it to be at par with international standards.


By obsoleting the use of betacam tapes and the manual TVC delivery process, the TVCXpress transmission solution provides compelling benefits.


What used to take hours to deliver now only takes minutes. TVCXpress can transmit a broadcast-ready TVC in as fast as 15 minutes.


Multiple backups. File encryption. Dedicated internet lines. SSL/TLS protocols. TVCXpress makes sure your TVCs arrive at their destination safe and secure.

Environmentally Friendly

By eliminating the use of betacam tape, our process significantly reduces the carbon footprint typically involved in traditional TVC dubbing and deliveries. The TVCXpress process also complies with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (DENR) Environmental Management Bureau’s policies.


TVCXpress’s archiving system efficiently stores all your digital TVCs and video content. You will have easy access to your library of past and current files via our user-friendly dashboard.


Our archiving system is customized for your use, ensuring all content is organized according to your needs.

Easy Access

You will have complete and easy access to your media library, 24/7 via a work station and portable/mobile dashboard.


Leveraging granular metadata, our archiving system can provide in-depth TVC file information, making this the most comprehensive database of TVC files in the market.


TVExpress’ video editing services provide post-production support from stitching, end tag updating, inclusion of ASC reference number and qualifiers, to targa assembly of your materials.

Basic Editing

We edit your raw material from stitching, updating the end tag, with the inclusion of ASC reference number, to targa assembly of materials, depending on what your material needs.

Video Conversion

We convert video specifications to its preferred size and format, as it may be suitable for either broadcast or digital purposes.

Audio Conversion

We offer video file retrieval of the uncompressed, already transmitted material for your use and reference.


We offer material subtitling of any language, get in contact with us for more details.


Uncompressed Retrieval

We offer video file retrieval of the uncompressed, already transmitted material for your use and reference.


We digitize the analog tape of your materials to a digital format to enhance and distribute materials to more advanced digital platforms.

Upload and Downloading

We do uploading and downloading of your assets using our top-caliber technology and high-speed internet.

ASC Application

We can assist you in applying for your ASC advertisement approval.