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If your channel is not on the list, refer to the Channel Guide below.




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Note: Following are the channels' assignment per cluster

ABS-CBN Cable Channels*

  • Kapamilya Channel
  • ABS-CBN Sports Channel
  • ANC
  • Cinema One
  • Balls
  • DZMM TeleRadyo
  • Hero
  • Knowledge Channel
  • Lifestyle Channel
  • Maxxx
  • Velvet
  • Yey
  • Jeepney TV
  • E! Channel
  • Myx
  • Cinemo
  • PIE Channel


  • GTV
  • GMA Regional
  • GMA Pinoy TV
  • Tape Inc
  • Heart of Asia
  • HallyPop
  • I Heart Movies

Solar Entertainment*

  • ETC
  • Solar Sports


  • One Sports
  • TV5 Regional
  • TV5 International
  • Brightlight Productions


  • One PH
  • One Sports Plus
  • One News
  • Buko
  • NBA TV
  • PBA Rush
  • Sari-Sari
  • Cignal Varsity

Fox International Channels*

  • Fox Channel
  • Star Sports
  • Star Movies
  • Star World
  • Fox Crime
  • National Geographic
  • Fox Filipino
  • Fox Sports Channel


  • Sony Channel (BeTV)
  • Animax

A&E Network*

  • History Channel
  • Biography Channel
  • Lifetime
  • FYI

    1. ORDER FORM: the form should be submitted to TVCXpress Manila not later than 12 in the afternoon of the day prior to material deadline. All details should be completed by this time.
    2. MATERIAL DEADLINES: There will be one deadline for all networks. If materials are submitted after the deadline specified below, TVCXpress Manila will not be accountable for late delivery and its consequences.

      Non-Primetime (Morning to Afternoon) 12PM-day before break
      Primetime 7AM-day of the break

    3. Should the materials be submitted to TVCXpress Manila by the Agency beyond the deadlines fixed above, TVCXpress Manila may, in its sole discretion, exert best efforts to deliver the materials in time for its breakdate, without any liability on the part of TVCXpress Manila.
  • Creative/Media Agency acknowledges that the role of TVCXpress Manila is to transmit materials provided to the networks/channels specified in the Order Form.
  • TVCXpress Manila will enforce the policy: no ASC certificate, no transmission. TVCXpress Manila will not be liable for client's TVC non-airing as a result of lack of ASC Certificate. In the event a material is revised due to audio/video adjustments and not content, a memo should be submitted instead of the ASC certificate.
  • For Advocacy TVCs, a memo should be submitted in lieu of the ASC certificate.
  • TVCXpress will not review the material given by the Creative/Media Agency for its content, audio/ video quality and adherence to current broadcast standards. This checking of quality should be done at the source of the uncompressed files (Post-House, Production House, Audio Post House).
  • TVCXpress Manila will only convert the uncompressed file provided to the required format of each and every network. We will not adjust/calibrate/edit/revise the audio and video of the said AVI file in any way.
  • Creative/Media Agency acknowledges that there is an inherent minimal quality loss during the conversion and encryption process of the uncompressed AVI source. TVCXpress will try its best to manage this.
  • It is the responsibility of the Creative/Media Agency to confirm material version, which can be checked in the TVCXpress website, before transmission to Networks. Any delay in the confirmation of the material version by the Creative/Media Agency shall not in any way be construed as delay on the part of TVCXpress Manila.
  • TVCXpress Manila will inform the Networks once TVC is transmitted.
  • TVCXpress Manila will inform Creative/Media Agency once Networks confirm receipt of the TVCs.
  • Cost is based on per version, per channel transmission.
  • No P.O., No Transmission – applicable only to clients who issue P.O.
  • Creative/Media Agency shall hold TVCXpress free and harmless from any claims or liabilities arising from or resulting from the content of the material subject matter of this Order Form.
  • Once TVCXpress Manila informs Creative/Media Agency that the Networks confirm receipt of the material, TVCXpress Manila's obligations herein are deemed fulfilled.
  • TVCXpress Manila will adhere to the strictest confidentiality and security processes to ensure there is no compromise to material and document handling.
  • Materials that has been converted and not transmitted within thirty (30) days shall be charged with cancellation fee of Php 500.00.
  • Payment terms are thirty (30) days upon receipt of invoice.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice. TVCXpress will be applying 2% surcharge (per overdue month) if payment is not made within thirty (30) days from the delivery date of invoice.