What are the requirements for transmitting TVCs through TVCXpress?
  • Uncompressed video file of TVC
  • ASC Clearance Certificate
  • TVCX duly accomplished Order Form
What is an uncompressed video file?

An uncompressed file is an extremely high resolution file which has not undergone any transcoding or compression process. This means that all the original video information of the file would be intact.

This makes it the ideal file format for transcoding to the variety of file formats compatible with different systems.

What are the advantages of using uncompressed file?

Since uncompressed video files still have all of the video information intact just as it was originally recorded, it is best used for editing, converting and transcoding into other formats. TVCXpress prides itself in being responsive to the needs of the Philippine Advertising Scene hence it is but necessary that it ask for files big enough to be converted to various network formats. TVCXpress believes in preserving quality without compromising efficiency, and only way to do this is to facilitate proper conversion by avoiding lossy conversion formats brought about by transcoding across compressed formats.

Why does TVCXpress prefer working with uncompressed files?
Uncompressed files are not LOSSY files making it suitable for transcoding and converting to the different file formats of the different networks.
What are lossy files?
Lossy files are compressed files that when processed through compression results in poorer quality from the original version. The “lossyness” of file may show up as jagged edges or pixelated areas. In audio files, the lossyness may produce a watery sound or reduce the dynamic range of the audio.
How will you know if it is an uncompressed file?

The amount of information contained in an uncompressed files characteristically makes files bigger than any compressed formats. Here is a rough guide of the size:

  • 15s TVC with slate is around 500mb to 800mb
  • 15s TVC w/o slate is around 300mb to 500mb
  • 30s TVC with slate is around 1gb to 1.5gb
  • 30s TVC w/o slate is around 700mb to 1gb
How do I get the uncompressed files to TVCXpress?

Uncompressed files are usually sent via USB or CDs to TVCXpress. It is the fastest way materials of this size and quality can arrive in our office. We also welcome uploading files to our servers or having us download files. You may get in touch with us on how this is done.

How does TVCXpress transmit?

TVCXpress has deployed a hardware software system called ad player. This system physically installed in the networks, allows TVCXpress to push TVCs inside the networks for broadcast and archiving. We transmit only the file types needed by the network hence we facilitate for conversions so that post production only need to generate ONE uncompressed files. Our dedicated upload and download bandwidth is designed to efficiently facilitate communication between our servers here and in every network we transmit to.